UX Design Certificate Covers The Basics & Process

At the heart of any design project is the consideration of the user experience. Out of all the other factors for completing a design assignment, delivering a favorable user experience design is by far the most crucial. In fact, it’s so important to design that it’s now commonplace for UX design skills to be required in graphic design positions, as you can see in the job posting below.


Not only will designers make their resumes more attractive by adding “UX Expert” to their list of credentials, but, as I’ve discovered through completing the User Experience Design Certificate, the subject is also incredibly enjoyable to study.

HOW Design University created a User Experience Design Certificate geared for designers who would like to add it to their repertoire. The dynamic video lessons walk you through what is user experience to the UX basics to each step in the UX design process. You might be surprised to find yourself addicted to user experience design after completing these videos. I know I am.

To earn this certificate, you must complete two courses, Intro to UX Design and UX Design Methods, and the workshop that begins today, The Future of UX Design Lies in Your hands. By pursuing the certificate, you save $50 rather than buying the courses and workshop individually. (Basically, you’re getting the workshop for free.)

Take a sneak peek into the certificate program. This clip from Patrick McNeil’s course, Intro to UX Design, discusses the changing industry of design and why designers need a solid grasp on user experience design.

The Changing Industry of User Experience Design:





Learn more about the certificate here.

You may also see one of the course instructors live at HOW Design Live in Atlanta. At the design conference, UX expert Patrick McNeil will discuss UX Roles and What it Means to You. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from McNeil in person! Get your ticket here.

Another helpful resource to sharpen your UX skills in the book Beautiful Users. In Beautiful Users by Ellen Lupton, you’ll discover various practices of UX design—an approach that prioritizes studying people’s behaviors and attitudes to develop successful products.