Web Design for Beginners: Web 101 Recap

learning web design for beginners how the web works

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the first session in our Web Design for Beginners series, Web 101!

Patrick McNeil’s session for absolute beginners (no designer left behind!) focused on making sure that every designer understands how the web works—just as you’d understand printing processes even if you never actually touch a printing press yourself. Topics covered included:

  • explanations of the basic technologies the web is built on
  • how a website works and is delivered to a visitor
  • the layers of a website and how they work together (as pictured below)

how a website works

If you’re looking for places to explore or learn coding, we recommend checking out our 6 favorite free coding resources. Some tutorials more tech-heavy than others, but all offer great advice.

A few folks asked for homework (!) before the next session on Feb. 8, Designing for the Web. Patrick suggested, if you own any domain names, to go into your domain name manager and poke around to check out the DNS settings and see if there are any terms you still don’t understand. I suggested examining the source code of a few websites you visit to see what the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code looks like in a functioning website. (You should be able to right-click in a browser window to see code for any page. In Google Chrome you can even examine individual elements, which is an awesome feature.)

The next session of the series won’t be as tech heavy: It focuses more on how a print designer’s skill translate to web design and where things differ. If you’d like to jump in on the Web Design for Beginners series, you still totally can! People who register for the series now will get a recording of the first session and be able to access the rest of the DesignCasts live.