September 2014

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The Self-Promotion and Marketing Issue of HOW Magazine


The September 2014 issue of HOW magazine is our Self-Promotion and Marketing issue. This issue is all about self-promotion, from the 78 winners of the Promotion and Marketing Design Awards to learning how to court clients. This issue also includes the web extra 5 Reasons Designers Should Love “Selling” by Sam Harrison.


Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in this issue:




Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winners
The art of self-promotion truly is a superpower all on its own. The real trick is being genuine, whether you’re marketing yourself or a client. Don’t miss these 78 award-winning dynamic designs that show the strength of a shining promo project.


Courting Clients
Nobody likes a braggart, right? Wrong, When it comes to self-promotion, the ball is in your court to woo your clients. Once you land them, the real trick is fanning the flame for a lasting relationship.
by Peleg Top



Look: Streamline your Space, Type Foundry Spotlight, Nerd Alert, Cream of the Crop, For Your Bookshelf

Behind the Design: Pure and Simple, Fresh Take, Hand-Forged Design, Old Dog, New Tricks, Color Galore

Designing Change: The Simplest Language – In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy in 2013, Tank Design produced a striking book and website that details the emotional events through icons.

Creativity: State of the Art – Creatives at Paramore Digital looked at their relocation to Nashville’s Warehouse District as an opportunity to make their space speak to the firm’s brand.

Designer Spotlight: Oak Studios – Brooklyn-based Oak Studios marries beauty with functionality when it comes to designing websites, interfaces and mobile apps. Meet these designers who think in code.

Career: Film School – Video is all the rage. But how does it fit into your marketing strategy to promote your skills to clients? How do you capture an audience to make it worth your time? We’ve got you covered.



You’ll find all this and more in the September issue of HOW magazine. Want to win cool products that designers will love? HOW hosts a sweepstakes of such products that are featured in the LOOK section of the magazine. Enter Now!

How to Bring Movie Magic to Your Self-Promotion Strategy

How to Bring Movie Magic to Your Self-Promotion Strategy

Video is all the rage right now, and rightfully so: More and more designers are using it as an effective self-promotional tool to advance their careers, whether they’re freelancing, looking for a job or running their own design firms. It’s one of the many mediums that falls under the “content marketing” trend, and...

Gorgeous Glass

Jill Tanenbaum became a fused glass artist so she could get creative without client restrictions—then her hobby turned into a source of income.

Type Foundry Index

Each year, HOW magazine creates the type index, a list of type foundries to help graphic designers like you find the best fonts for their projects.