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Design Job: Motion Designer at Cinco Design Office

Looking for an Oregon design job? Portland-based Cinco Design Office is looking for a motion designer to work on entertainment branding projects. Click through to learn more and apply: In this role, you will be expected to balance being an innovative design advocate to evolve and elevate creative excellence, with a relentless desire to meet...

Site of the Day: GNosh.co.uk

This yummy site combines two of my favorite approaches. It has the illusion of depth—the subtle 3D feel gives the site a real boost. And I’m a sucker for hand-drawn text. This combination in a collage style makes the site feel fresh and powerful. Love it.  Need more design inspiration? Check out the Web Designer’s...

5 Questions With Chris Sickels

HOW first fell for Chris Sickels over 10 years ago. And since, his Red Nose Studio has continued to give birth to some of the most interesting 3D characters imaginable, which is why we had to catch up with the artist.

Site of the Day: Cupcake Factory BA

The Cupcake Factory BA site has plenty of depth to it—I love the three dimensional aspects—and, interestingly, it does it without an overly thematic environment. Most sites with this sort of 3D effect does it by placing things in an environment, but this site keeps it simple.