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Aaron Gustafson on Accessibility, Usability and the Golden Rule

Meet Aaron Gustafson: web standards guru, founder of Easy! Designs, author of Adaptive Web Design, A List Apart contributor (oh, and HOW Interactive Design Conference speaker). Suffice it to say, we’re super impressed with Gustafson’s web design credentials … particularly by his dedication to making the web a beautiful, friendly, accessible place for the...

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Rajesh Lal on Accessible Web Design #HOWidc

Nokia engineer Rajesh Lal is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and developed software used by millions of people. An active member of the W3C Accessibility group, he’s passionate about design standards that make the web accessible to all. Lal has written multiple books on desktop, web, mobile and rich internet applications and has...

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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Are the sites and apps you design accessible by people with visual, auditory, physical or other disabilities? Accessibility is an often overlooked component of the web design process, but there’s no reason that innovation can’t go hand in hand with accessibility. Today, May 9, is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a grassroots effort to encourage...