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Photoshop Tips and Tricks Workshop Preview

Photoshop offers endless possibilities—a million different ways exist to accomplish the same goal, whether that’s digitally painting an elaborate work of art or changing an image’s background. HOW Design University offers courses on Photoshop, but this week, it’s offering something special: an excellent workshop on Photoshop It’s a third of the price of a course ($39.99) but...


3 Adobe Creative Cloud Tips with Rufus Deuchler

Welcome to my second post here on the HOW blog. Did you check out the first one? Before I dive in: Did you know that if you ran any of the free 30-day Adobe Creative Cloud product trials before January 15, 2014, you have the ability to try them again? Simply go to Adobe Creative Cloud...


Quick Tips: App Design with Adobe DPS

Take a minute and think about what kind of designer you are. What category would you put yourself in? Print? Digital? Would you go more specific and say brand management or strategist? How do you define you and what you do? Chances are if you’re a designer — any kind of designer at all...