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Dan$e animated GIF project

Digital Degas

DAN$E is a a beautiful animated GIF project of dancers photographed in 360 degrees and digitally manipulated to appear as moving paintings. The project was created by Ryan Enn Hughes,  a Motion Picture Director and Photographer based in Toronto, Canada. (PS: You can learn how to make an animated GIF at HOW Interactive Design.)...

animated google doodle turned gif into css3

Developer @alexmwalker Redoes Google Doodle in CSS3 + jQuery

Everybody loves Google Doodles. But that didn’t keep designer/developer Alex Walker from wondering about the format of today’s tribute to Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, the scientist who discovered electromagnetic waves. Walker points out that the Google logo rendered as colorful waves is just a “big-ass animated GIF,” and a choppy one at that. He goes...