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Rdio’s New Music Weekly Celebrates Visual Artists and Music

If you’re looking for some new music and design inspiration, set aside 15 seconds on Tuesdays to watch the newest clip from the Rdio New Music Weekly. As part of their New Music Tuesday project, Rdio is releasing 15-second clips of motion graphics and animation that are inspired by newly released music. Rdio’s project...


Short Film Will Make Your Skin Crawl

I love checking out new animation and motion graphics pieces. I was instantly intrigued by the trailer below for the short film “Skinmeal.” Drawing loose inspiration from David Lynch’s work, Aardman Animations created this “miniature predator story in the world of tattoos” that shows a girl sunbathing in electric light when her tattoos spring...


“The Lonely Dodo,” Aardman’s Animated Short

We know that many species are endangered, but the message to take action doesn’t always stick. The animated short “The Lonely Dodo” takes a different approach to get us to act.  This film focuses on the loneliness of the last dodo on earth to raise awareness about endangered species and Durrell, an international conversation...