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David Sherwin on Brainstorming [VIDEO]

Design book author David Sherwin talks about brainstorming and his book Creative Workshop in this video clip from Design TV. You can read Sherwin’s design business posts over on Imprint, and hear him speak in person at the HOW Interactive Design Conferences this fall in Washington, DC, and San Francisco. Check out the full version of...

mental notes brainstorming cards

Wishlist: Mental Notes Cards

When you're working on a project, it can be easy to forget the big picture: like, that humans will be using what you make. Mental Notes puts major psychological concepts at your fingertips.

Brain Grease

Bailey Gardiner,  a creative agency in San Diego, CA, recently created a brainstorm mobile app to help others be more creative. You can download it for free and use it at your next meeting to help get the ideas flowing. Need help brainstorming? Get your creativity cranking with this easy to use thought stimulator....