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Five Steps For Better Branding

No matter what stage you are at in business – a fledgling designer branching out on your own for the first time, an established designer working for a big conglomerate or anything in between – branding is important. The first thing you might think of when you think of “branding” is the quintessential “logo”....

How to Develop and Use a Brand Strategy [VIDEO]

Shannon Carter, president of the Cartis Group and the developer of the Brand Smart Process, discusses how to use a brand strategy, the purpose of brand strategies, and how to get started in branding in this Design TV video. Watch a preview below: Design TV brings you new videos and webcasts every week with real advice...

A Culture of One – Intro

I recently spoke to a group of technology service company owners about branding. The event was in Las Vegas and put on by a company called Kaseya. My mission in my talk was to convince the audience about the value of proper branding. I started my speech by explaining what branding is and isn’t....

Making the Perfect Pitch

New-business presentations are the make-or-break opportunity to win clients, but many creatives lack the skills to deliver great pitches. Three pros identify the pitfalls and share the secrets of winning in the boardroom.