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You Need More Than a Logo: Perfect Your Pitch

“Who are you?” It’s the question every employer wants answered in a perfect pitch that informs, entertains, and doesn’t last too long (around 30 seconds according to Rob Wallace, managing partner of brand identity and package design firm Wallace Church, Inc.) These employers want to hear your story. They want you to provide a...

4 Steps to a Better Twitter Bio and Personal Brand

In a world where personal branding is king, no component of your image should go neglected. This truth applies to everything from resumes and cover letters to  business cards and letterhead.  It also applies to Facebook and Twitter accounts – social media platforms that offer opportunities to strengthen your brand and remind others what...


Would You Hire this Man?

Thorendahl's Photoshop skills has made him a viral sensation with an Instagram account of over 63,000 followers. Oddly enough, he's branded himself as a confident of top music and Hollywood celebrities, posting photos of personal experiences with the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Rhianna, Halle Berry, Jay Z and Beyonce.