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Business Advice Podcast: Become Organized and Increase Your Efficiency

In this podcast from business mentor Peleg Top, he speaks with organization experts Ed Gandia and Donna Smallin Kuper. Building upon the ideas discussed in Top’s “Get Organized and Increase Your Profits” in the  HOW Business Annual, this podcast picks up where the article left off to provide additional business advice. Learn how organization...

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Using Pinterest as a Self-Promo Tool

As Pinterest continues to gain followers (it currently has more than 25.3 million unique visitors), it’s become an increasingly valuable marketing tool for designers. The visual nature of the social media site also makes it an ideal platform for showcasing one’s creative capabilities. Interactive professionals, for instance, can post high-quality screenshots of their web,...

Ilise Benun on Positioning Your Web Design Expertise

As a web designer, you spend a lot of energy improving your technical skills. How would you rate your business know-how? To address that need, we’ve asked Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor to present a half-day business bootcamp workshop at the HOW Interactive Design Conference West (San Francisco, October 28–31). Benun, who consults with...

10 Tactics to Build the Best Staff

You can start to build a better staff by tweaking your own management style, creating an environment that attracts the type of employees you most desire, and simply understanding what motivates people. Check out these 10 tips.

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Deal of the Week: 20 for $12 Sale

MyDesignShop’s got 20 products marked down to $12 each until Tuesday, including a lot of good business advice for freelancers and creative professionals: The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money The Corporate Creative The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success CD Making Yourself Priceless in a Crowded Market DesignCast

2 Keys for Successful Brand Extensions

A creative brief hits your desk: Your client or executive team wants to launch a brand extension. But before you start designing, there are two key things to consider that can make or break any brand extension.