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CFBC 2014: How to Be the Best at Networking

A recent post from Laura Foley, Networking 101: Bring Your Darn Business Cards!, got some strong comments when it was reposted on the CFC LinkedIn group, including this one from, Dana Manciagli, author of the forthcoming “Cut the Crap, Network for Success” (get a free chapter here) and one of our speakers at this year’s...

Networking 101: Bring your darn business cards!

We designers are a funny bunch sometimes. Although many of us make a living creating marketing collateral for our clients, we sometimes do a pretty bad job of marketing ourselves. And at the last HOW Design Live, I saw a stunning example of shoot-yourself-in-the-foot non-marketing: designers with no business cards. I can’t imagine why...

Laura Foley Business card

How to Turn Away Business with Your Business Card

Is Twitter a great way to communicate? Absolutely. But for many people it's not the preferred method. Making people search for other ways to contact you, while it might be a great test of loyalty and patience, is not ideal when you're trying to attract clients. Here's a better strategy from Laura M. Foley...


14 Cool Business Card Designs

From super low-budget to ‘the world’s most expensive,’ these cool business card designs do a great job of representing the design firms and clients they personify.