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An Interview with Adam Ladd, Fresh Off Making the HOW 100

Adam Ladd has worked in branding, art direction, and magazine layout, and along the way, he happened to see and use type—a lot. Having been the art director and designer for both HOW and Print magazines, you've probably seen his work, especially if you were a regular reader of those two publications.

5 Tips to Go Green (No, Not the Color)

All you need to go green in the world of Adobe products is this simple formula: C=75, M=5, Y=100, K=0. Type those four little numbers in, and voilà, you can turn any text, shape, or line an undeniable green. While going green is easy in the world of Adobe products, it’s much harder in...

Turn Slow Time Into Go Time

Most freelance designers are used to ebb and flow in their work schedules. There's no guaranteed way for keeping work coming through your door, but you can take some steps to help make your downtime more productive.

Advice from 25 Design Pros

January has a way of getting us to reflect on our career and set new goals ahead. If only we could tap into some of the industry's top designers' minds to get guidance based on their experiences.