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Give and Take: A New Filter for Business Success

Are you a giver, a taker, or a matcher? Adam Grant’s book Give and Take has made some waves in the field of business, and it could help frame your behavior in the workplace. As the book’s publisher notes, many books in the category focus on success as a function of passion, hard work, talent, and...

You Need More Than a Logo: Perfect Your Pitch

“Who are you?” It’s the question every employer wants answered in a perfect pitch that informs, entertains, and doesn’t last too long (around 30 seconds according to Rob Wallace, managing partner of brand identity and package design firm Wallace Church, Inc.) These employers want to hear your story. They want you to provide a...

We Get You

There is something about human nature that keeps us searching and daydreaming about possibilities and missed opportunities. One of the best things about working with the design community is the knowledge in knowing that a career in this industry is achieved only through talent, hard work, sacrifice and dogged determination.