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Creative Freelancers: Learn best practices from your peers

Do you want to learn the insights your successful peers are using to build their freelance business? One of the messages I’ve gotten loud and clear over the 6 years I’ve been programming the Creative Freelancer Conference is that freelancers want to learn from other freelancers. That’s why we decided to launch a brand new,...

Creative Freelancer: Who’s On Your Team?

Michelle Schulp of Marktime Media (also a veteran CFC-er) recently wrote an excellent blog post about who creative freelancers need on their “team” to have a thriving business AND how to find those people. Here’s an excerpt — click through to read the rest. Being a creative freelancer is exciting. Not only do you...

Nick Matarese of The Barn Creative

CFC Success: From struggling freelancer to 2-year contract

I got this message today from Nick Matarese, a freelance designer in Delaware who attended CFC 2013 for the first time in San Francisco this past June. Looks like it was the right decision for him…. I am emailing you to say thank you. Earlier this year I was feeling quite lost in my freelance...

Navitor recaps CFC 2013 sessions: Dyana + Colleen

Talk about creative! Check out these 2 illustrated recaps of 2 CFC 2013 sessions from our excellent sponsor, Navitor: Dyana Valentine doing her famous “Pitch Perfect” and Colleen Wainwright (a.k.a. the communicatrix) on “Making People Love You Madly” — can’t to see more!

[Podcast] CFC Success: #CFConf Already Paid for Itself

Copywriter, Sonia Quinones, first time attendee of the Creative Freelancer Conference (and HOW Design Live) already landed a project as a result of the networking she did at the Matchmaking Happy Hour with InHOWse Design Managers. IN this podcast, she describes how it happened.