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First Steps to Building a Killer Graphic Design Portfolio

Creating a truly stunning graphic design portfolio can be quite the challenge. It’s simultaneously your first impression, a comprehensive definition of your personal style, and a showcase of your best work. But, then again, so is everyone else’s. So how do you make your portfolio stand out from the crowd? Learn what employers and...

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The Power of 3

For many years now I’ve been fascinated by the number 3 and how it seems to have an important and powerful place in our culture—at times even magical. Think about it—the Holy Trinity; Goldilocks and the 3 Bears; The 3 Little Pigs; 3 Little Kittens; Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod; 3 Men in a Tub;...


Close Encounters of the In-House Kind

Life is all about relationships. With your parents, kids, spouse, significant other, boss, co-workers. And if you manage them well, hopefully you’ll keep “therapist” off the list. As an in-house creative, one of the most important relationships you’ll have is with your internal clients—your stakeholders. You know, those people down the hall, up a...


Just Show Up!

Years ago I participated in a 360-degree assessment. Peers, colleagues, management and direct reports all had the opportunity to anonymously tell me how I was doing. And based on their responses, I was doing pretty well. But there were a few comments that I didn’t expect and one in particular that stopped me in...


Going Up?

How many of you have your elevator pitch ready? No? Shame on you! Over the years, the elevator pitch has become increasingly important as an key component of the in-house designer’s toolbox, especially considering all the areas within a corporate environment that employees intersect—coffee rooms, cafeteria, hallways and, of course, elevators. Essentially it’s a...

Weed Out Bad Clients

We've all experienced difficult clients, and designers need an equally well-tuned sensitivity to quickly recognize them. That’s essentially what the qualifying process is for.