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Organization Tools for Successful Collaboration

As Ed Roberts explains, in-house teams often experience heavy workflows, taking on many roles. Emily Parks discusses a variety of organization tools to help in-house teams get organized and embrace successful communication and collaboration.

2 Arguments for Hiring a Copywriter

Having good copy is as important as having good design. It’s something that we as designers should bring to the table when we can because it shows we are more than just pixel pushers. We are helping the client grow their business and that makes us harder to replace than some online service.

Taking the “labor” out of collaboration (part 2)

When we're dealing with human beings, there's a lot to consider. The process of collaboration can go a long way towards enhancing your creative output, but can also be a huge source of stress and frustration. The key here is to attune yourself to be able to spot potential collaborators who will raise the...

When One Succeeds, Many Can Succeed

Few things get my blood pumping like a new project. As a writer, these projects can vary from the short-term (blog post, essay, a press release for a client) to the long-term (my first book, Nerdy Thirty, published earlier this year). There’s just something about the clean pages, the list building, and the brainstorming...