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Pantone Plus: Share Your Color Inspirations With The World

Yesterday, Pantone announced the addition of 336 New Colors to its PANTONE PLUS Series (read more), bringing the total to 1,677 colors. The 336 PANTONE color swatches enrich the current PLUS SERIES palette, providing a more comprehensive selection that includes a wider variety of values, saturation and undertones – from subtle pastels and reliable...

Designing With Light And Color

This experimental book of color was designed by the Swedish duo Axel von Friesen and Petter Tornqvist of 1:2:3. It was created by exposing colored paper to different light sources. This 86-page book was made in one copy. The book consists of different coloured sheets of paper which have been bleached with light using...

Master Your Use of Color

Take your trove of knowledge even further and master color and trends by better incorporating it into your design work. We've assembled our leading resources of books and conference sessions and workshops on the topic into this ultimate collection.