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2014 Color Inspirations From Pantone

Pantone just announced new 2014 color inspirations for interior design. The palettes are great for inspiring design color choices, too. My three favorite palettes are Physicality, Tribal Threads and Collage. You can learn more about Pantone's picks here.

Site of the Day: NFLShop.com

This e-commerce website has an interesting problem. Given that it sells licensed merchandise for every single NFL football team, almost any color palette the site designers selected would unintentionally highlight a specific team. But they came up with a style and palette that manages to house all the brands without focusing on a specific...

bootstrap bootswatch color picker

Bootswatch: Themed Color Swatches for Bootstrap

If you use Bootstrap for your website, you can use Bootswatch to add color to your site with minimal muss and fuss. It’s got beautiful basic styles so you can just start building HTML pages without worrying about picking custom colors.  In case you aren’t already familiar with it, Bootstrap is a prepackaged set of HTML and...

So Cool: Build Your Own Reusable Mug

We can’t go a day without an americano, a french press or at the very least some vending machine swill that passes for coffee. But we can certainly do without all the waste created by disposable coffee cups. The KeepCup is an eco-friendly alternative to the paper cups flooding our landfills—International Paper estimates Americans...