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CFC at HOW Design Live: Creative Freelance Rules

Hard to believe that CFC is wrapping up with a day full of peer mentoring and workshops, all about the art of creative freelance; the speakers shared and the audience took in a staggering amount of information. With any event like this, the challenge is downloading and processing all that info afterward—it usually takes...

Learn How to Create a Content Strategy With David Baker

If you don’t have a content strategy for your self-promotional website or your social media activities, they won’t give you much bang for your buck (or your time). Creative business consultant David Baker explains the basics of content strategy: What exactly is a content strategy? Content strategy is the method you will use as...

Blog feeling like a slog?

I often see clients follow this pattern: get excited about the idea of blogging, work with me to set up a blog, add to it regularly at first, then quickly peter out to posting very rarely or never. Here are a few tricks to help you stay on top of your blogging game.

Why your clients need “outside” creatives like you

There's a great article on the web site of illustrator's agent, Scott Hull, of Scott Hull Associates, that any creative freelancer can use to make the argument (to your clients) that working with freelancers is a good addition to in house creatives. Read that here: http://scotthull.com/artists/blog/feb2010-1/