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Curiosity is Jet Fuel for Your Creativity

For my books and talks, I’ve interviewed hundreds of highly creative people in design and dozens of other fields – and one trait they all share is tenacious curiosity. Here are five ways curiosity can help expand your creativity.

Creativity and the Power of Play

Creativity and the Power of Play

3 Studios Demonstrate How Setting Aside Time to Play Can Benefit Morale, Productivity and the Bottom Line. While messing around on Facebook isn’t likely to be celebrated in the workplace, some forms of play are encouraged during the 9-to-5. In fact, large-scale companies like IBM have leveraged office hours for research and development, including...


8 Ways to Brainstorm Better

Idea-generation is the lynchpin of our work. So why are many of us terrible at it? Experts offer tips for improving your creative sessions. The team gathers in the conference room, white board at the ready, pumped to come up with some cool new ideas. Ten minutes into the session, the group’s strongest personality...

Finding Inspiration In-House

Regular HOW contributor, Scott Kirkwood takes a look at a common (in-house) designer issue: Continually generating new ideas for the same client. You can find this In-House column, "Finding Inspiration In-House," along with the In-House Design Awards winner and other great articles in the January issue of HOW, the In-House Design Annual.

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Tattoo Comic Panel: Patrick Yurick’s Very Personal Project

Some days it’s hard to be creative, but many artists develop projects to constantly keep themselves sharp or as a personal challenge. You may have seen images of Patrick Yurick‘s  project floating around lately, and he took the time to answer a few questions for us. Yurick, a lifelong fan and professional comic book...


Creative Tarot Deck Predicts Your Future

Think you need to see the future to ensure success with upcoming creative endeavors? You’re in luck. The Tarot of Creativity deck by artist Aliyah Marr has been designed with your needs in mind. You can do actual tarot readings with the cards or simple select and examine one card and its concept per...

System Of A Down

Having to successfully function in an environment that is not set up to provide you and your team with the necessary flexibility and resources to execute on your projects calls for some out of the box bureaucratic end arounds.


In-house Intersections

Meet Isaac. He works in our IT department and although his responsibilities have nothing to do with motion graphics and video he has a passion for both and just received his master’s degree from NYU. How do I know this? Well the coffee station is a breeding ground for all sorts of stuff and...