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4 Gorgeous Typography-Heavy Design Portfolios

Tobias van Schneider sees hundreds of design portfolios each month thanks to his work with Semplice, a portfolio builder made by designers for designers. Occasionally, a designer surprises him by using typography in a unique way—to display not only their work, but their personality. These four portfolios do just that.

First Steps to Building a Killer Graphic Design Portfolio

Creating a truly stunning graphic design portfolio can be quite the challenge. It’s simultaneously your first impression, a comprehensive definition of your personal style, and a showcase of your best work. But, then again, so is everyone else’s. So how do you make your portfolio stand out from the crowd? Learn what employers and...

Help Choose The Best Design Portfolio

The top 5 winners of Print's Portfolio Review competition have been chosen, but now we need your help to choose the 6th winner from the judges' list of runners up. You can vote once per day to support your favorite design portfolio.

Top Inspirational Career Advice from Successful Freelance Design Business Owners

Get inspired. Design TV, presented by HOW and Print, brings you inspirational career advice from the design industry’s most successful business owners and visionaries, including author Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Jessica Hische and authors Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam. Gain valuable insight while watching these OnDemand design tutorials. Zero in on design thinking and learn how...