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Certificate in Graphic Design: Now Available at HOWU

We’re thrilled to announce our newest certification program: Certificate in Graphic Design. Carefully curated and comprised of seven courses, this graphic design certificate is built for those of you just getting started in the field, and those of you who’ve been at it a few years but really want to nail those basics.

15 Free Fonts from Behance

One of the best things about being a designer/artist/maker/etc. is sharing your work with the people around you. And the people the next state over. And all the people online. And, well, pretty much anyone who will take a moment to look, appreciate and critique your creation. Artists love sharing so much that we have nearly...

OpenBrand Helps Creatives Share Design Work

It happens to everyone: You are on a tight deadline, and technology has decided it hates you. The files won’t zip, the e-mail won’t send and 35 phone calls with the client later, you are worried the design work will be trapped on your computer forever. Even if your experience is slightly less extreme,...