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3 Tips for Working Smarter with IT Department

I can remember a time when a well-designed, strategically positioned direct-mail piece was one of only a few options used to connect brands with consumers. Over the last five years an explosion of truly smart channels have opened up, ushering in a whole new set of social tactics for use by strategic communicators. When...

Proofing the Pudding: Steps for Proofing Projects In-house

I don’t get much time to watch television but when I do, I like programs that reveal some aspect of the creative process. Food Network’s Chopped, for example, is interesting because during one episode, chefs are challenged with baskets filled with crazy combinations of “mystery” ingredients that under an extremely restrictive cooking and plating...

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3 Surefire Ways to Feed Your Creativity

Ask yourself this question: How do you feed your creative belly? Finding creative inspiration, and then creating something out of nothing in the murky waters of business is a daily requirement for most corporate in-house teams. Ed Roberts looks at three books that have helped spark his creative fire.