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Podcast: Dorie Clark on Your Inner Entrepreneur

In the latest HOW Design Live podcast episode, Ilise Benun talks with Dorie Clark, author, speaker and professor at Duke University’s business school, about how to develop a “portfolio career” with multiple income streams and much more.

Start Smart

Which business categories are most ripe for startup activity? After surveying the top entrepreneurship publications and blogs, here are five industries that are getting a lot of attention...

Protect Your Ideas

As designers continue to become more sophisticated entrepreneurs by launching our own products and services directly into the marketplace, we also must become more sophisticated in how we protect our intellectual property.

Reinventing Design

As the economy shows a few small signs of recovery, the design industry is bouncing back and design business owners are beginning to consider how they will rebuild. This rebuilding process presents a rare opportunity to rethink the model on which our businesses are built, and to develop a more diverse base of...

Diversify your Creative Circle

Whether you’re a solopreneur (freelancer), or just a one person incorporated design firm, it can be too easy to get in the habit of thinking you can pull off anything your client may need on your own.

License What You Do Best

There are many reasons designers struggle to bring their own ideas to market: it’s risky, expensive, and really complicated (among others). But there is an option for designers who want to stick to what they do best—cranking out awesome ideas—and to avoid the messiness of building a business: product licensing. In fact, if there...

Design Your Business Plan

The purpose of a business plan is very basic: first, to identify the objectives of your business idea; second, to determine if these objectives are viable; and finally to map out how you are going to achieve the objectives. Ironically the questions we ask and the information we seek in a thorough design process...