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Typography and Picture Postcards

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, getting mail is one of my favorite things. In fact, if I took a cue from Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music” and wrote a Karli Petrovic version of the favorite-things ditty, “brown paper packages tied up with strings” would still make the cut. The...

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Illustrating The Indie (Type) Alphabet

Designer Jim Billy Wheeler takes singing the ABCs to an entirely new level of awesome by illustrating a font inspired by indie band names. From Arcade Fire and Little Dragon to Karen O and Hot Chip, Wheeler manages to maintain the spirit of the artist or musical group when creating the letters. Take for...


Bestselling Editor’s Picks (so far)

My competitive nature is taking over. The number one seller for our Editor's Picks program is The Logo Brainstorm Book. An excellent book, and an audience favorite, but it's our HOW + Print's Scott Francis' pick, not mine.

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Friday Free Font Find: Doodleista (Sans Serif)

Fun fonts are easy to find, but the list of legible ones is a bit shorter. This week’s font find, Doodleista, however, boasts both elements. Why Doodle? This question can be answered with 2 simple words. For Fun. This is the first and most important rule for doodle! Have fun with it! Use this...

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Friday Free Font Find: Gala Script

Gala Script is the newest typeface from t-gráfica, the brainchild of a graphic design student who identifies herself only as Ana on her website. The font design studio began as a final degree project. In addition to Gala Script, which is a brush-drawn font, there is Hand Slab. As the name would indicate, Hand...

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Friday Free Font Find: Croissant (Web Font)

Transport your web design from the screen of your Macbook straight to the streets of Paris with Croissant. The font, which actually hails from Argentina’s Eduardo Rodriguez Tunni with the support of Goggle Web Fonts, boasts traditional uppercase letters and curved lowercase letters intended to mimic scrawling handwriting. Croissant is a typeface inspired by...

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Friday Free Font Find: Camper (A Display Font)

The new Camper recreation font from Camp Design Group is a playful, modern typeface created with kitschy, old hand-painted signs in mind. It should be used as a display font. Designers can get it for free in eps or pdf format. Download it here.   If you want to create your own font, you...

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Graphic Design Makes Science Fun

Science is having a moment. Much like curly mustaches and coke-bottle glasses, science has revamped its image from “mega-nerd” to “high school track star.” While this transformation may have hit its stride with the “I Fucking Love Science” Facebook page, Mumbai-based artist Kapil Bhagat’s line of scientist-inspired graphics (some of which are available as...


Pizza Packaging Design Win or Fail?

The new Domino's Pizza packaging design by CP+B is gorgeous with a restrained palette of silver on black and exuberant vintage-style typography. But does it really say "Domino's" or even "pizza," for that matter? It doesn't feel particularly authentic to the brand, even the new "our pizza doesn't suck anymore" brand. What do you...