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What’s New at HOW Design Live: Creative Business

If you’re a solopreneur and you’ve scanned the HOW Design Live schedule, you may have noticed that the word “freelancer” is missing from the Creative Business program. It isn’t an oversight—it’s by design. In response to shifts in the creative field—and to comments from past attendees—we’ve reshaped the program this year to focus more...


Tips for Starting a Lucrative Graphic Design Business

Have you registered for HOW Design Live 2015? HOW delivers everything you need to pursue a fulfilling, successful creative career—in one essential event. Venturing off and establishing your own graphic design business is exhilarating and a tiny bit intimidating. But cutting the strings to the corporate world and being in charge is highly rewarding...


First Steps to Building a Killer Graphic Design Portfolio

Creating a truly stunning graphic design portfolio can be quite the challenge. It’s simultaneously your first impression, a comprehensive definition of your personal style, and a showcase of your best work. But, then again, so is everyone else’s. So how do you make your portfolio stand out from the crowd? Learn what employers and...


2 Days Only: 11 Freelance Design Tutorials & Sessions Over 65% Off!

The live online event Strategies for Creative Freelancers – Spring 2014 was a roaring success, but the excitement hasn’t ended! If you register for Strategies for Creative Freelancers in the next two days—April 17th & 18th—you’ll get a full week of access to all 11 freelance design tutorials, webinars and audio sessions from the...


How to Start Your Own Freelance Business

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Are you interested in starting a freelance business, but don’t know how to get started? Make the jump to freelancing with the HOW Design University course How to Start Your Own Freelance Business with freelance guru and Marketing Mentor founder Ilise Benun. Register for How...

Creative Freelancers: Are You an Accidental Workaholic?

There are many joys of being a thriving freelancer, like choosing your projects and deciding when and where you work. But there are perpetual challenges, too, like managing client requests when you’re swamped or simply need time to decompress. Often, you may find yourself attending to everyone’s needs but your own—a road that, when...


Turn Slow Time Into Go Time

Most freelance designers are used to ebb and flow in their work schedules. There's no guaranteed way for keeping work coming through your door, but you can take some steps to help make your downtime more productive.