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Is Freelancing Right for You?

Not everyone is cut out for freelancing. Learn the 10 skills and personality traits you need to succeed as a solopreneur, and decide whether a freelance career is your best bet. Whether you’re moonlighting on the side and feeling insecure about your job, have always wanted to run your own business, or just want...

7 Freelance Virtues

Whether you're just starting out or have been a solo pro for decades, we can all thrive in 2014 by renewing our commitment to these 7 freelance virtues.

Crowdfunding your personal projects

Our friends over at PhotoShelter, the company co-founded by CFC Fave Speaker Allen Murabayashi (and the same company that is offering the free guide, Freelancer's Online Marketing Blueprint), have introduced their latest report on "crowdfunding."

Evolution of a business name

This week, as a preview to the HOW article and Aug 18 DesignCast, we’re talking about how creative businesses evolve, and the experiences that creatives have encountered along the way.

Marketing Monday: Timing is everything

Right after CFC in Chicago, I did a one-hour consultation with CFC attendee, Tarry Nwaise, a designer from Madison, Tennessee. During that session, I told her, among other things, that timing is everything when it comes to marketing. And I encouraged her to reach out to some contacts she hadn’t talk to in a...

Watch 3 Businesses Evolve

How is the marketing for a new business different from that of a mature one? What do you have to do at the beginning that you can let go of in later stages, building on the foundation you've set? I'll answer those questions and more on Aug. 18.

Crowdsourcing Round 2

Laurel Black continues her crowdsourcing nightmare with lots of opinions on how she handled her client’s unhappy comparison between the work she got from Laurel and the work she got from the logo mill.

Excellent Web-to-Print Resource

This free DesignCast on Aug 9 with Navitor will show you how you can become a single resource for your clients, while controlling the outcome of the design work and how to add print services to your business model with minimal resource expenditure.