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Best of the Blog 2012: Designing Type With Light And Shadow

Belgian sculptor Fred Eerdekens creates typographic statements using light to cast shadows on different surfaces. Fred Eerdekens creates works in which words and dreams seem to meet. His sculpture and installations form in to message on the wall in a set of shadows. He has given birth to these ghostly images without the real...

Serif: Slab, Egyptian Slate

We Don’t Work—We Play: A Handmade Type Exhibit

Four German design students from the Köln International School of Design recently initiated a project called We Don’t Work—We Play to celebrate handmade type. They invited other designers to submit a rendering of the phrase in any medium for a gallery show at Plattforms Cologne. Check out some of the best designs from the exhibit:...

Type Obsession

Illustrator Lauren Nassef created the type for this book cover by poking thousands of tiny holes in card stock. (Design by Isaac Tobin.) via Typeverything

Fall To A T

The cover of T Magazine‘s fall travel issue features their traditional gothic T styled in a fantastic way by landscape designer Judy Kameon and photographed by her husband Erik Otsea. via Letterology

Fingerprint No. 2 by Josh Chen

For many designers, creating things by hand is a reaction to too much computer-based design. Since the first Fingerprint was published, ideas that were once on the fringe have begun to thrive in the mainstream. From typography and illustration to book-making and film titles, elements of handcraft have soaked into everyday life. Fingerprint...

Friends of Type

Get Inspired by Friends of Type

What started out as a creative outlet, has turned into a hot spot for handmade type inspiration. Get inspired by the self-proclaimed type nerds and designers behind FriendsOfType.com. They built a creative venture around their mutual passion: Type.