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The Cella Slant: The Importance of Charisma and Passion in Leaders

There are a lot of qualities you look for when hiring managers—functional expertise, strategic thinking skills, a knack and interest for developing people, leadership qualities. If you peel the onion back on leadership qualities, there are several things you look for. Two that are really important to me are charisma and passion…and sometimes these...


10 Tactics to Build the Best Staff

You can start to build a better staff by tweaking your own management style, creating an environment that attracts the type of employees you most desire, and simply understanding what motivates people. Check out these 10 tips.

Demand for Creative Professionals On The Rise

Thirteen percent of marketing and advertising executives plan to add full-time staff in the next three months, according to The Creative Group Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals, and 3% forecast reductions in personnel. Most respondents, 80%, expect to make no changes to the size of their teams. Key Findings Account services, web...

Identify Hiring Needs (Avoid Headaches)

The hiring process starts when a need is identified. This is one of the most critical parts of the process—where your future coworker’s role is defined. If the need is not clearly defined, there will be difficulties when candidate review and selection is taking place, adding time, effort and expense to the whole process....