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Infographic Design and the Office Mousepad

Tired of mouse pads that just sit there, not filling you mind with tasty trivia nuggets? So starts one of the most fun holiday-time gifts the HOW staff received this season. While I would normally insist that the delicate art of mouse pad design went out of fashion in the late ’90s, this mouse...

Creating memorable holiday greetings

It's not too late to send a holiday greeting to clients and prospects. Freelance writer and CFC veteran, Tom Tumbusch of WordStreamCopy shares a few tips to show your creativity and your gratitude at the same time.

Marketing Monday – Valentine’s Day 2011

It's convenient that Valentine's Day falls on Marketing Monday and is absolutely the perfect excuse to call (yes, I mean pick up the phone and call) your 5 (or 10) best and favorite clients to tell them how much you appreciate working with them.

End of Year Traditions

I realized as the holidays/new year approached that my anxiety started to creep up. ACK! went my brain. What are my 2011 goals? What has 2010 been all about? What remained undone? What's getting rolled over and what projects need.to.die? You might be getting tight in the chest just reading about my spin--breathe deeply...

Holiday gifts: Help with money issues

It already seems to late to be starting to think about holiday gifts for friends, family and business colleagues, but here is one approach from Galia Gichon, our resident financial expert. Read her post with examples of “gifts that mean something” and that promote financial savviness. And in that same category, consider my new...