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Site of the Day: ILoveEurostile.com

This website is well designed and is a joy to look at, but when you start to examine it, you realize that it’s all just a joke. This site dedicated to the typeface Eurostile is actually a promotional tool created by Mike Mai. It’s funny, and it gets his name out there: and it’s...

Valentine’s Day Is Coming

Chris Bishop is a Washington, DC, based artist, illustrator and PBS KIDS Creative Director. He’s also a big Game of Thrones fan, which inspired him to create these old-school Valentine’s Day cards that can be downloaded for free. They’re an awful lot like the ones you used to hand out in grade school, only...


Sh!t Designers Say [VIDEO]

The best thing about all those “sh!t [x group of people] say” videos is that they’re all inspired by real situations. Last Friday me and an ecommerce editor for HOW and Print put together this little video about the things graphic designers say—we only laugh because we love you.  THESE ARE FUNNY TOO: The...


30+ Gift Ideas for Designers

HOW editors and designers are feeling fully enveloped in the holiday season. View their holiday gift guides, chocked full of goodies for the color fanatic or packaging obsessed designer on your list.

Music, Humor And Design

Designer Laura Carignan got into letterpress printing three years ago. Today, she sells cards and print in her Etsy shop Lulu Dee. Her adorable cards combine illustration, type, humor and song lyrics. via Design Work Life

Business-ese Translator

The next time your client lays out some kind of thick business blather, don’t worry. You can run it through the Unsuck It translator and have it turned back into plain English. This one is particularly apt: Wheelhouse Hey, I was wondering if one of you guys could mock up some invites for my...