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Draco: Bringing Illustration to Life with Kinetic Textures

When you think of the word “illustration” your mind conjures up a flat still life drawing or it may even give movement to that image in the form of an animation. Historically animations have been created by creating series of images by hand and then ordering them in such a manner that when the...


Russian Law Sparks Outcry

Talk surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has been abnormally heated. See how illustrators are responding to a Russian bill that’s viewed by many as discriminatory.


Hand Lettering, Spew Bags & Puns

Have you ever seen hand lettering so beautiful that it made you want to puke? Well, the creator of the “Spew Bag Challenge” site has you covered. Each of these images are hand-drawn with pencils, Sharpies and various other pens and writing instruments (which the illustrator places next to the image). Drawn on airline vomit bags,...