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5 Tips for Your Next Web Design Project

Let’s face it: Designers look to new strategies and approaches to speed up workflow and produce. Whether through workarounds or locating the best tools for the design you’re knee-deep into, the process piece is a very big one. Design Is About Choices If you’re like most designers, you crave a more consistent user experience...

Holiday Card featured

2 Holiday Design Tips from Adobe

Many of my designer friends are putting the final touches on their holiday cards or winter-inspired projects, and I’m sure many of you are doing the same. And some of them are sitting in fear of the last minute, “Hey, you can make something together for the holidays, right?” request to come along. Our...

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Adobe Announces Increased Cloud Focus at MAX Event

When I hopped off the plane at LAX on Sunday evening, I had no idea what to expect from the Adobe MAX conference. According to the press itinerary I received prior to the event, the festivities, which would be held the next day at the intimidatingly expansive Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), included big...

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Illustrator CS6 Updates Roll Out to Creative Cloud Users

Adobe today unveiled a promised update for Illustrator CS6, adding the ability to unembed images and package files into a single folder containing linked text and graphics. The update also provides enhancements to Illustrator’s Links panel. As I noted last week, these updates will be available only to users who use the software via Adobe’s...

Adobe Sessions at HOW Design Live

Want to know what will get a couple thousand graphic designers out of bed at 7:00 or so on a Sunday morning? A HOW Design Live presentation hosted by Adobe, that’s what. We’re talking 7 a.m., after a night of Boston pub crawls. [Better grab a tall coffee.] Adobe is presenting three bonus sessions...

HOW Cover Brought to Life With Animation

HOW's March 2012 issue spotlights International Design, including the winners of the International Design Awards and creative studios from around the globe. Nate Williams illustrated this dynamic cover, which was then animated. See it for yourself!