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Cultivating Audience Engagement at NPR

Whether you're a devoted super fan or a potential fan, NPR marketing and communication's team is constantly working on ways to extend the brand to you. Check out some of the touchpoints they've created to fulfill this mission.


5 Advantages and Challenges of In-House Designers

Like my move from the U.K., moving from an agency to in-house I saw many similarities and also the differences. Some of these differences were obvious advantages for a designer while some presented a challenge and were filed under “Opportunities for Personal Growth." What follows are 5 of my observations.

Finding Inspiration In-House

Regular HOW contributor, Scott Kirkwood takes a look at a common (in-house) designer issue: Continually generating new ideas for the same client. You can find this In-House column, "Finding Inspiration In-House," along with the In-House Design Awards winner and other great articles in the January issue of HOW, the In-House Design Annual.

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Supercharge Your In-house Team Online Q&A Opportunity

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s live design tutorial with creative director & InHOWse editorial council member, Ed Roberts! We’d like to continue the conversation here and answer any questions that you might still have about how you can supercharge YOUR in-house team in a follow-up post. Enter your question below in the “comments”...