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In-House Inspiration

At HOW, we want to inform you, inspire you—celebrate you. And if you're an in-house designer, our latest issue will truly speak to you.


Yahoo’s Maurice Woods on Service Leadership

If you haven’t heard of Yahoo's Maurice Woods, you should definitely get to know this in-house designer—a great leader who has designed a good life around service. Here, Ed Roberts interviews him about his work and the Inneract Project.

inHOWse Design Awards

In-house Designers: Enter InHOWse Design Awards

Hey there, in-house designer, we know that you work hard on the design work for your corporation, association or organization. It’s time to show off your best creative work by entering the HOW’s inHOWse Design Awards by Monday, June 3rd. The deadline is soon, but let’s be real here: You have created some awesome...


Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People

Fast Company’s annual list touting the “100 Most Creative People in Business” is really a misnomer. Each selection notes a project or idea that helped elevate the person to inclusion on the list. I’ve yet to see one person single handedly create, develop, and implement any project or design. It’s a team. I’m certainly not...