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6 Strategies for Sparking Fresh, Original Ideas

One of the most challenging things I dealt with while working in-house was keeping my ideas fresh. To counter staleness, I created several strategies to jump-start my creativity. I hope the following suggestions inspire your generation of fresh, original ideas. —Shannon Stull Carrus Learn by Example If you have a short amount of time...


Guest Post: Neil Brown on the dreaded P-word

Like PowerPoint, office politics are not something usually discussed at design school, but they are a powerful tool and, when used wisely, can bring about great results for our careers, our team’s success and for the company as whole.

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Project Management Whack-A-Mole: Who’s Accountable?

The problem with project-management is that many organizations do not have a plan in place for who is going to bear the weight of keeping the team on track. Without accountability, the responsibility is often not appropriately handled or worse yet, ignored, which opens the door for more complex problems.

Design TV’s Featured Video: Meet Andy Epstein

Are you in-house designer? Get exclusive knowledge from Veteran in-house design leader Andy Epstein (co-founder of InSource and editor of the InHOWse Designer Blog), in Design TV’s Featured Video, new this week on Design TV. Design TV, presented by HOW and Print, brings you weekly featured videos and webcasts, sharing easy-to-follow tips from experts...