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Buffy’s Brand Puts the Fun in Function

Friendly and puffy, meet Buffy, "the world's most comfortable comforter." With a playful brand identity created by Natasha Jen's team at Pentagram, Buffy looks—and feels—comfy. It's a fresh take on bedding brand identity, so unique, so different that you might not know what to make of it.

Ray-Ban Belgium Launches #nofilterjustrayban Campaign

Ray-Ban Belgium recently tapped design firm DDB to help launch its latest sunglasses campaign. The glasses feature polarized color lenses that come in hues ranging from polar brown to crystal green. The campaign plays off the popular hashtag #nofilter, which is traditionally used to introduce photos that have not been edited or altered with...

Pantone Pairings Mix Color And Cuisine

Some things are simply better together. Take peanut butter and jelly (or, PB&J if you prefer) for example. Spread the salty paste across bread without its sugar-filled counterpart and you’re bound to experience a stuck-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth crisis. Cover an English muffin with gooey grape goodness, and your breakfast sacrifices the protein to keep you from...

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The Week’s Best Web Design Stories: April 20

We read everything so you don’t have to. The top web design and tech stories of the week include advice about web forms, Apple viruses, 8-bit design and more:  10 things every designer needs to know about forms (.net magazine)  Malicious software affecting more Macs and Androids (Washington Post) — related: Apple’s Java security update What...