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3 Free UX Design Videos from Patrick McNeil’s New Course

Have you registered for the HOW Interactive Design Conference? Stay ahead of the curve by networking with distinguished experts and peers, attending workshops and exploring the latest in interactive design technology. If you read my usual posts, you know I’m always trying to learn more about interactive design, and especially UX design. That’s why...


Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: Agile Web Design

Are you chasing waterfalls? That is, are you dedicated to the waterfall methodology of web design and development when you could be streamlining your process with agile web design? You may want to stick to the processes you’re used to, but waterfall web design will have you moving too fast. (Okay, okay, enough with...


Wireframing & Prototyping: Essential Skills for Interactive Design

The recent popularity of responsive web design has made wireframing and prototyping essential skills for interactive and UX design. In the interactive design process, wireframing enables you to create the information hierarchy of your web design. It makes it easier to plan the layout so that your website is user-friendly and cohesive. It’s particularly...