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InVision App: The Latest in Collaborative UX Design

There’s a new application taking over collaborative UX design. It has nearly two million users worldwide and already 70% of Fortune 100 companies using it as well. That includes Disney, IBM, Apple and Verizon just to name a few. Their website boasts being “the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform.” It’s called InVision,...


UX Design: Careers, Challenges & the Future of Web Design

Definitions of “user experience” are all over the map, but one thing is true: You know a good user experience when you see it. Patrick McNeil joins the HOW Design Live program to shed light on this essential discipline, in a presentation titled “UX Roles and What It Means for You” as part of...


Interactive Design and the Death of Passwords

Do you aspire to a top in-house creative management position? The In-House Management series at HOW Design Live will help you develop the business, communication, creative and leadership skills that will have your team producing their best work ever. Today’s the last day for early bird registration! Reserve your spot now! Can you remember the last...