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5 Tips for Acing a Panel Interview

A normal job interview is stressful enough. Now imagine pitching yourself to several art directors, marketing managers and graphic designers in a panel interview setting. Nervous? According to a survey by The Creative Group, a majority of executives (86 percent) said one-on-one interviews are the most effective. But panel interviews ranked second – ahead...

Todd Henry, DIE EMPTY

Second Helpings: Todd Henry on Creative Blocks

Thank you for coming back for second helpings of my interview with TED and HOW Design Live Conference speaker Todd Henry. We’ll be reviewing his new book Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day. Enjoy! Todd, I’d like to discuss with you some interesting points you raise in your book … How is...


How Nat Sweeney Made the Switch from Print to Web Design

Nat Sweeney studied design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving back to Connecticut in 1996. He worked on print exclusively for the first six years of his career, creating promotions for the likes of Heineken, Amstel Light, Murphy’s Irish Stout and Timberland Boots. In the late ’90s, he began...