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How to Spring Clean Your Design Career

Spring cleaning isn’t just about washing windows and clearing away cobwebs. Your design career also needs a thorough refresh every year so it’ll look its best—to recruiters, prospective clients and potential employers—in the months to come.

Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Designers & Creative Pros

I am often asked by clients which social media platforms designers and other creative professionals should spend their time and effort on. It’s not an easy answer because the question itself is the problem. The choice of which social media platform is not based on who’s providing the content but on who’s using or...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

LinkedIn as a Prelude to Follow Up

Here’s a trend I’ve noticed… You attend a conference (I was at MYOB last week). You meet some new people during the networking reception and grab their card (or not — as long as you vaguely remember their name, you can now find them online). Then, you go back to your room and before...