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The Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2018 So Far

The year of 2018 has kicked off with a bang, logos included. Already, we’ve seen some iconic logo and branding redesigns from some of the world’s biggest brands—from new media mastheads to soft drinks—while more have yet to be uncovered in the coming months. Here are some of the biggest logo redesigns we’ve seen lately that could potentially help shift design trends in...

Andrew Gibbs on The Dieline’s New Branding

The Dieline teamed up with Pearlfisher New York to update The Dieline's branding and identity. The Dieline's CEO, founder and editor-in-chief, Andrew Gibbs weighs in on the rebrand, website redesign and provides exclusive photos of the work-in-progress.

Mall of America’s New Logo and Rebranding

Rebranding work is always interesting to me because it usually involves so many elements, such as combining a company’s history with contemporary design elements. Okay, I’ll come clean, I enjoy before and after scenarios, especially when it involves a well-known entity, such as the Mall of America. To rebrand the Mall of America for...