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How to Start a Design Business Collection

February's Ultimate Collection includes everything you need to start a design business. Whether it be a detailed marketing plan and marketing calendar, tips for negotiating with clients, how to price your work, or guidance on the financial and legal aspects of running a business, this collection gives you the tools you need to determine...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

Approaching new markets with no samples to show

Creative professionals rely too heavily on a portfolio of past work. Focus first on the potential benefit you can bring to a new prospect, then show relevant samples. This works especially well when approaching new markets where you have no samples to show. Here's how...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

One Freelancer’s Plan for 2013

In the latest podcast/interview with writer and journalist, Bryn Mooth, we talk about her goals for growing her network in 2013 and reaching outside her current sphere and especially, how to keep track of her best prospects (that doesn’t involve learning a new software).