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End the Feast & Famine Syndrome in Your Creative Business

“In 2014, about 1 in 5 graphic designers were self-employed,” – from the Bureau of Labor Statistics If you consider yourself one of the 20% of designers who are self-employed, then you’ve noticed that the creative business market is extremely competitive when it comes to winning over clients and staying financially afloat. While, yes, it’s...


Creating Image Depth in Marketing Design

Most design work is connected to marketing, whether it be for branding, editorial, or even self-promotional purposes. In previous articles, we’ve discussed finding target audiences, researching clients, brand building and more. Now let’s move on to the actual design phase. More specifically, adding image depth to your marketing campaign. HOW Design University and Sessions College...


6 Techniques for Selling Without Begging

This article was originally featured in HOW’s 2014 Creative Business issue. Find the full issue in MyDesignShop. The problem is clear: You need more business. Not because you aren’t busy, but because then you could be choosier about which clients you work with. But if there’s one thing firm owners and entrepreneurs hate, it...