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44% Increase in 2013 == Success!

I got this good news in an email newsletter from Jeanine Davis, a creative freelancer I work with. She’s been “solo” for 2 years now and in her second year surpassed her goals with a 44% increase! Here’s how…. Marketing works, I’m proof. I grew my business a whopping 44% in 2013 and I...

Yes Virginia, amazing clients really do exist

My holiday season started out with some unexpected gifts. First, a designer I met at the Denver CFC in 2010 sent a new client my way and we did a small job together. A few days later, I sent my invoice and got an unexpected response: “Tom, we’ll be sending you a bonus. We...


My Dinner With Andre (and Andy…): InSource Then & Now

In the classic film, My Dinner with Andre, actor Wallace Shawn listens intently as playwright Andre Gregory muses philosophically about the meaning of life and spins fantastical tales knee-deep in tribal rituals. The two met at a Manhattan restaurant in 1983 and spent hours dining and talking (well, Andre Gregory did most of that)...

"Where are you going?"

CFC How To: Jenny Poff Explains Finding Your Target Market

Freelancer and CFC Veteran, Jenny Poff, created this short explainer video to share what she learned at CFC 2013 about finding her target market. Jenny is also the founder of THE DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a free accountability group for solo creative professionals. I noticed that a lot of solo creatives are struggling with defining their niche...


Herding the Creatives

I have yet to meet a creative person that isn't passionate about their work. So passionate that (we) find it hard to let go of our brilliant ideas.