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An Interview with Adam Ladd, Fresh Off Making the HOW 100

Adam Ladd has worked in branding, art direction, and magazine layout, and along the way, he happened to see and use type—a lot. Having been the art director and designer for both HOW and Print magazines, you've probably seen his work, especially if you were a regular reader of those two publications.

Magasin (Display Font): Tuesday Type Treat

Magasin is a high-contrast, script display font that gives the thin-line design of calligraphy a throw-back feel. Designed by Laura Meseguer and published by Type-Ø-Tones, the typeface works in a magazine headline, on a poster or as part of a packing design. Magasin combines a sense of script with geometric and slightly condensed structure...

Selfico (Modern Font): Tuesday Type Treat

Selfico is a modern font from Nico Inosanto, a Switzerland-based graphic and type designer. It’s available for purchase through MyFonts. Selfico is a modern font family, that has a strong verticality intensified with the vertical “y” and a special È. These special letters don’t create any issues with legibility. The large number of ligatures...