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Site of the Day: Mtrl.co

You might not immediately think that a job posting as an opportunity for great design. But this one-page website/job post is so compelling that I couldn’t help but dig in to find out what the job was. And I don’t even want a job! The moral of this story is: When an assignment seems...

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Wishlist: 4 Snarky Office Stamps

If you have to push paper now and then, might as well make it fun, right? These funny rubber stamps will make people think twice about sending you printouts ever again: ThinkGeek Like/Dislike stamp set: $12.99 WTF?! self-inking stamp: $9 Date SMASH library-style stamp: $5.49 Deal With This self-inking stamp: $9

Leaf Tie

I’m utterly charmed by Seoul, Korea-based Lufdesign‘s Leaf Tie, a simple cable tie to help manage all the wires that threaten to take over your the top and bottom of your desk. A packet of 12 ties can be ordered for $7 (USD) plus shipping. The Leaf tie is easy to use. It is...