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caribou packaging design

New Caribou Coffee Packaging

I admit it. As a former barista, I’m a sucker for coffee, cafes, french presses and even bean-related branding. And a well-designed package of coffee will get me every time. I get the feeling design and branding agency Colle + McVoy feels similarly about a good cup of joe. This is apparent from the...


Sexy Product Design: Lovability Condoms

After a traumatic tampon-buying experience that involved an “orange-picking claw” and a store-wide audience, Tiffany Gaines was inspired to revamp another product many people need but hate to buy. Enter Gaines’ sexy product design for the Lovability Condoms. As a School of Visual Arts MFA Design for Social Innovation student, Gaines thought to change...


BRZoom’s Spirits and Craft Beer Label Designs

After a few beers, you are likely feeling good enough to share your life story with the fellow imbibers at the bar. But creating a spirits or craft beer label designs that tells a story of its own? That’s an entirely different matter. Louisiana-based design and marketing agency BRZoom (Bochanis Rogan Zoom LLC), however,...