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Site of the Day: EverLovinPress.com

This website for an old-school letterpress printer plays directly into one of the most tempting design crutches: thematic design. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good theme-based website design, and I have on numerous occasions raved about this particular interactive design approach. But in this example of great website design, you find an...

Brian Miller on Principles of Successful Web Design

Say hello to Brian Miller author of the best-selling book Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Design. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming HOW Interactive Design Conference, and you can find him on Twitter. You may not know Brian Miller personally, but you probably know his work—in fact, we’ll guess that “Above the Fold”...

Print to Web: How Kim Robak Made the Switch

Kim Robak expanded her skill set to match the changing needs of her in-house design job. Now she works on a range of projects that include both print and interactive components, and, as she puts it, “a strong designer can work in any medium.”

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Web Design News Roundup: April 5-11

This week on HOW Interactive Design, we’ve got the real-life story of a former print designer who moved to the web, a profile of a top interaction design program, advice for your career and other top stories from the world of web design.